NURS20025 Mental Health 1


Task Details:

Case Study – Therapeutic Relationships

Read the following article:

Dziopa, F., & Ahern, K. (2009). What makes a quality therapeutic relationship in psychiatric/mental health nursing: a review of the research literature. The Internet Journal of Advanced Nursing Practice, 10(1). doi:10.5580/1060

Article overview:

  • The investigators found that a therapeutic relationship in advanced psychiatric/mental health nursing could be deconstructed into nine main constructs: conveying understanding and empathy, accepting individuality, providing support, being there/ being available, being genuine, promoting equality, demonstrating respect, maintaining clear boundaries and having self-awareness.

Task & Instructions:

  • Using the Case Study“I am Anne” and reflecting on examples from your own clinical experience, as well as utilising academic sources, explore each of the nine constructs found by Dziopa and Ahern (2009) in a written paper.
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