NURS1427 Learning And Teaching In Practice



A critical incident analysis of a specific teaching OR a specific learning event experienced by the student in the practice setting.  This will include analysis of learning theories as applied to the event and formulation of an action plan for own future development as a registrant.

AIM and useful info:

  • Explore the role of the practitioner in facilitating learning, teaching and assessment in practice.
  • Consider their future role and responsibilities in supporting learning, teaching and assessment in practice.
  • Discuss the theories underpinning learning, teaching and assessment in practice and begin to apply these principles to your future role in mentoring and supervising students in practice.  
  • Reflect on the relationship between ‘self’ as a learner and describe the characteristics of an effective teacher/mentor.
  • Consider your future role and responsibilities as a registrant, identifying your potential personal and professional development needs as a preceptee.
  • You only need to complete a teaching plan in the appendix if you are writing about a teaching event
  • Link your discussion to local and national policies and statutory bodies recommendations. 
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