NURS 746 Evidence Based Practice And Implementation


Present your work as a portfolio consisting of the following five parts:
Part 1: Clinical scenario – Describe a clinical problem facing you and/or your colleagues. Be specific about why this is a problem and to whom
Part 2: Critically Appraised Topic (CAT) – From the above scenario construct a search question, identify search terms to locate research evidence
Part 3: Assessment for applicability to clinical practice – Provide an assessment of how applicable the evidence is to your area of clinical practice. Consider the feasibility, acceptability, cost, and anticipated benefits of the intervention.
Part 4: Barrier analysis – Identify barriers and enablers to implementing the evidence within your service/organisation. Focus on those relating to the key target behaviours and target groups that need to change for successful implementation. You are recommended to use a published model/framework for identifying barriers and available supporting evidence. Supporting evidence may include existing data relevant to your scenario such as survey and audit information, patient experience data, knowledge of staff opinion, or existing knowledge of effective implementation strategies/barrier analysis, but you are not expected to generate new data for the purpose of this assignment.
Part 5: Implementation plan – Construct a plan that describes the steps you plan to take for implementing the evidence appraised. Your plan should demonstrate consideration of core implementation principles, provide some rationale for the selected implementation strategies (i.e. why those selected to bring about change should address the barriers identified) and be specific to your work setting. You are recommended to use a published implementation model/framework as a guide.
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