NURS 438 Trends And Issues In Nursing And Health Systems


To complete this assignment, consider an issue or trend in nursing or health care and choose one of the options from the bulleted list below. Your papers must be scholarly in presentation, reflective of course content, and although they may be related to one another, they must not be duplications. Please refer to the Resources for guidelines and resources in completing this assignment. 

Note: There is a 10 page limit for all written papers excluding title and reference pages. Project page limits are listed next to each project
• a case study of a real or imagined nursing or health care issue or situation, with a description of the options for resolving the issue in the case study.
• a position paper related to course content; be clear as to difference between a position paper, discussion paper, and an issue paper. [See definitions below)
• a discussion paper related to course content: for example one could frame a question and then proceed with discussion of the answer.
• an issue paper related to course content that follows the framework from your textbook – Framing and Analyzing the Issue.
• a literature review related to course content
• an analysis of several (5-7) interesting Web sites that relate to a particular issue and or take a position on that issue. Critique the verifiability of information in each web site including the authority of the Web site. Compare and contrast how the issue is presented, and provide an executive summary of each Web site.
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