NURS 3046 Nursing Project


1. Demonstrate an understanding of the ‘deteriorating patient’ and patients being cared forin the critical care nursing environments of emergency department, coronary care unit,high dependency and intensive care, including related anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, diagnostics, pharmacokinetics, pharmodynamics, the quality use ofmedicines and complementary therapies;

2. Apply comprehensive assessment and evidence based clinical reasoning with initiativeand judgement in theoretical, clinical and simulated environments related to critical carenursing

3. Demonstrate the capacity to analyse, integrate and apply principles of ethical and legalpractice to person centred care in the critical care environment;

4. Apply effective practice and intra- and interprofessional communication strategies tofacilitate the delivery of safe, quality care to people in diverse settings; and

5. Further develop an understanding of health professions’ roles and responsibilities whencaring for the ‘deteriorating patient’ in the acute care setting and develop anunderstanding of health professional roles and interventions in critical careenvironments.

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