NURS 300 Professional Transitions In Nursing


Scenario: You have been given the task of preparing an executive report for the CFO of your hospital. You have identified a potential health concern, and after extensive research you have a solution to the concern. You must write this executive summary in a fashion to motivate and attract the attention of decision-makers to do what you suggest. In this process, you must analyze a health issue using economic concepts and principles. Select a health issue of interest related to health care delivery, cost containment, or health outcomes. Analyze the health issue from an economic perspective describing how economic principles impact health issue and outcomes.

Use the following guidelines to write a business appropriate executive letter to compel others to follow your leadership:

Define an issue in health care you have encountered in practice, and identity what is important and needs to be addressed. Discuss significance of the issue in our health care system and the impact this has on care delivery in your community. Define the problem you are trying to solve. Why is this a problem?

Discuss possible outcomes of the issue based on your economic analysis and recommendation for future actions. Discuss effects on individuals and populations. Describe the local health outcomes.

Draw conclusions about the issue and make recommendations for future directions and/or research. Draw conclusions about your economic analysis and make recommendations for future directions in advanced practice nursing and/or research.

This will be typed, and presented in an appropriate business fashion. It is expected this paper will be written at a graduate level using correct grammar, sentence structure and reflective of your ability to integrate concepts of health and economics. It should be no longer than 2 pages.  It is not necessary to include an abstract. Due dates for the paper are firm. Arrangements for any alterations in submission of the assignment will not be accepted. See the Class Schedule and Blackboard for due date

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