NURS 2023 Health Of Adults



You will create a portfolio of three separate tasks and a reference list, focused on the assessment and diagnosis of clients with aphasia resulting from left hemisphere stroke.

Task 1 – Guide to assessment of clients with aphasia

Your guide will include the following components:

An overview of the general principles of assessment for clients with aphasia including aims/goals of the assessment process the different sources of information and their relevance/importance (e.g. reported observations, comprehensive assessment batteries, assessments of specific linguistic function/behaviours) the types of information that may be obtained and why (i.e. quantitative and qualitative)

A brief introduction to the A-FROM (Kagan et al., 2008) including:

its domains, rationale and explaining how it relates to the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)

Key assessment activities mapped to each of the A-FROM domains of the A-FROM (e.g. Participation in life situations, etc.) including

identify and briefly describe between 2 (two) to 4 (four) different assessment activities for each domain include formal and informal assessment methods

Task 2 – Guide for assessment and diagnosis of semantic language disorder

You will develop a study to the assessment and diagnosis of semantic disorders for clients with aphasia

‘Real-life’ indicators of presence of semantic issues and and/or possible real-life implications for the client

that may be used to assess semantics including
developed within the context of the cognitive-neuropsychological model; and
that are representative of semantic abilities above the level of the single-word

Task 3 – Annotated bibliography

You will provide an annotated bibliography including a minimum of five items on one of the following topics of your choice:

Assessment of multilingual clients with aphasia
Assessment of culturally diverse clients (e.g. Indigenous Australian clients)
Assessment and diagnosis of cognitive disorder in clients with aphasia
Assessment and diagnosis of aphasia in signed language/s
Assessment and diagnosis of Primary Progressive Aphasia
Assessment of pragmatics and discourse in clients with aphasia
Assessment and diagnosis of acquired reading disorders

Or another topic of your own choosing with written prior agreement from the subject coordinator.

A brief description of each item explaining why it is useful, interesting and relevant to the topic of the bibliography.
In order to do this convincingly you will have to read and thoroughly understand each item.

You may also draw attention to specific pages/sections of particular relevance, e.g. ‘Table 1.1. on p52 provides an accessible overview of .

You should conclude your annotated bibliography with a statement explaining
How this learning may inform your future practice with such clients.

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