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Is Euthenasia everybody’s right?

Since 2015 the legality of euthanasia has been debated globally and shows that  37 nations worldwide  have formally legalised euthanasia (Rudnev and Savelkaeva, 2018) discuss the importance of autonomy and traditional religiosity in recognition for euthanasia  and to why it’s important and a key factor in making decisions with voluntary assisted dying in relation to the evidence.
Pro’s of euthanasia

Human rights-  Euthanasia should be recognised, for the way it provides compassionate relief of pain and suffering of patients as well as providing support for those who value their choice. The doctors behave in such a compassionate way by showing respect, individuality and human rights towards patients who are making the decision to go through with euthanasia, pollard, B. (1999) as well as allowing the patient to choose what they desire for. Many individuals who have lost their ability to maintain quality of life, patients who become in a vegetative state of a chronic illness and no longer wants to become a burden on their family members , this is when euthanasia is considered due to upholding the right to life by honouring right to die with dignity. (Suresh Bada Math, 2019) Euthanasia for the terminally ill patients may provide hope for an organ transplantation with the opportunity to provide an advocate for transplantation (Suresh Bada Math, 2019).
Financial benefits – The financial burden of end of life care which Medicare providing approximately 70% of costs towards end of life care this could be prevented by having the option of euthanasia which Robert Leeson has spoken about in an article showing a two step plan which may help with the costing of end of life care

Cons of euthanasia

Euthanasia is a debated and controversial topic. The proponents of euthanasia had made a fair and significant arguments against it and how it can be stopped. Here are some arguments that clearly justifies why it is wrong.

Qualitative analysis

Gleen (2018) states that every life has its one value especially the elderly, disabled and other vulnerable people. They should be protected and cared by the society. Medical malpractice, psychological complications and financial problems are some of the main reasons that lead people to think of ending their life. In most of the cases of euthanasia, the cause is not pain and suffering but depression, hopelessness and fear of loss of autonomy. We also cannot differentiate whether the person has some psychotic disorder that is hampering to his decision making. And if these are the causes, then What is the difference between suicide and euthanasia. This is also the reason why suicide prevention experts have criticized euthanasia as it encourages people for suicides as it is seen that the suicide rates in the counties where euthanasia is legalized is increasing.

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