NUR3005 Chronic Illness Management In Primary Care


Case Scenario

Paul is a Koori man in his fifties and lives in a rural area in Victoria with his partner Rodney. Paul has recently had cataract surgery and lives with diabetes, depression and Hepatitis C. In his younger years Paul liked to party but in his forties settled down as he became more mature and realised the impact partying was having on his health. Paul is passionate about being an Aboriginal community member, loves to attend local community events and often picks up friends and family on the way to events in his car. The day after having eye surgery in the city Paul receives a visit from an Aboriginal Health Worker, Eddie, from the local Aboriginal Health Service. 

1. Discuss perspectives, and the physical, psychological and social aspects of ageing in the context of health and illness in older people in our community

2. Describe the impact of ageing and chronic illness on clients, families and carers and apply this to discharge planning bridging the transition from acute care to primary care and palliative care

3. Identify the primary care resources for people with issues related to ageing, chronic and life limiting illness in the community.

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