NUR231 Drug Therapy


Briefly outline the main concepts identified in the case study

Describe the relevant pathophysiology evident from the case.  Use your understanding of the physiological processes to explain the clinical presentation of the case study.

Discuss the medications from the case and relate their mechanism of action. Using appropriate drug therapy references describe the effects of the drug therapy on the person described in the case study.

Describe your prioritised interventions for the case

Use your clinical reasoning to prioritise necessary person-centred interventions. Relate the interventions to addressing clinical issues related to the drug therapy regimen described in the case.

Use evidence from scholarly health literature to support and justify your discussions and interventions. (Intext references are included in the word counts. The reference list is not included in the word count.


Briefly recount the key concepts discussed in the case study response. Make a strong statement that reiterates the clinical reasoning of your case study response. Avoid repeating the introduction in past tense.

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