NUR2300 Evidence Based Nursing Practice


1. Develop your own answerable question using PICO.
2.(a) Palliative Care Students must choose an appropriate database from the following
• Medlin&
• CINAHL (Nursing and Allied Health).
• PsycINFO.
You are required to Justify your choice. 

(b) Applied Gerontolgy students must choose from the following databases
• Melline
• PsycINFO
• Ageline
You are required to justify your choice
3. Turn off the thesaurus function of your chosen database. If you can not turn the thesuarus function off. you should descnbe in detail how your search works and where in the complete reference your search terms are being matched. Run your search using one term at a time. Use terms that you feel best descnbe what you are looking for. Doni worry about the terms the database suggests you use. If it makes sense to do so, use a limit to make your search more useful in some way. 

4. Now re-run your search using the terms suggested in the thesauri or MeSH headings or equivalent. If it makes sense to do so. use a limit to restrict the retrievals. 
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