NUR2203 Post Anaesthesia Care Nursing


Part 1: Utilising the case scenario and academic literature devise a care plan related to the first 24 hours post-surgery This section will concentrate on the first 24 hours of post-surgical care.
This part of the assignment asks you to formulate a plan of care including the following 4 elements: assessment data, identification of issues / problems and / or potential issues / problems, interventions including independent nurse initiated interventions and collaborative interventions, and rationales for the chosen interventions. Prioritisation of care is required.
1.Analyse the case scenario and determine what other assessment needs to be included for Eleanor within the defined 24 hour post-operative period. Think about the data you have been given and what you could expand on
a.Choose four (4) POTENTIAL ISSUES arising from the data in the case.  These issues will form the foundation of your care plan. 
2.Identify the relevant nursing interventions the nurse would instigate to address these 4 issues, include monitoring in your interventions. Each issue / problem could have multiple interventions.
3.Rationales must be provided to support your interventions along with supporting relevant referenced literature / research. 
Part 2: Analysing the case to identify potential clinical issues
1.Concisely consider and discuss Eleanor’s co-morbidities including smoking, cardiac heart disease, (previous MI, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia) in the context of having a general anaesthetic (GA) and specific to the 24 hour postoperative period. 
2.Outline (2) two potential clinical complications related to the co-morbidities that could arise in the 24 hour period. 
3.Discuss the relevant assessment/s and interventions the nurse would initiate to identify and prevent clinical deterioration. Concisely provide your reasons / rationales for your actions/ interventions and support with academic literature, including research.  
4.Analysis of the case must include justification of your proposed prioritised interventions and supported with academic literature and nursing evidence for practice.

Part 3: Discharge planning.
1.Plan and prioritise discharge advice and a plan for Eleanor.  
2.In the discharge plan, consider the appropriate post-operative education for Eleanor specifically including the surgical procedure.  Also consider and concisely provide a discharge plan and education around medication, prevention of complications, psychosocial issues, lifestyle modifications and medication advice. 
3.Refrain from merely providing generic information.Be succinct and appropriate in your advice but also critically evaluate the information in the case and specifically relate this to your discharge plan.  
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