NUR212 Contexts Of Practice


The requirement for this activity is to design and showcase a group health promotion expo to your tutorial peers on a course related topic of your choice. The content focus will be specific to the childbearing family, infant, child or young person and their family. For this assessment you will be required to collaborate in groups of 3-4 self-selected members. The expo will be presented to your peers during the allocated tutorial times. Groups will utilise the group Discussion Board to collaborate and develop expo ideas. In the tutorial class (week 9) each group will participate in a health promotion expo. Each group will set up an expo stall which includes materials relevant to their health promotion expo and showcase this to their tutorial group. At the completion of the expo presentation each group will submit, a detailed expo plan that identifies the discrete areas where each member of the group contributed. This will be submitted using the Task 2 template below and handed to the tutor during the expo presentation tutorial. 
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