NUR1201 The Patient Experience: Partnering In Care


Background Information

Patients and families are often on the receiving end of care and are thus positioned well to reflect, comment and share their care experience to key stakeholders who goals are to improve patient safety, quality of care and the patient/family experience. Improving the patient care experience can be challenging and nurses need to be equipped with knowledge about relevant theory. For example the nursing governances and nursing philosophies that guide the application of nursing care practice, and other related theory and strategies that will help engage nurses with patients and their families to improve their future care experiences.

1. Case Scenario – Recording ‘The Age 40 Male Experience’ 
2. Case Scenario – Recording ‘The 40 Age Experience- (Female Aboriginal Woman) 
Select the relevant theories and framework/s to be applied to the scenario. Explain how they are relevant to your chosen case scenario. Discuss why they are suitable, including the relevant positive or negative aspects of these theories and framework that are important considerations for nurses. Draw upon literature to support your statements in this paragraph.
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