NUR09722 Exploring The Theory And Application Of Law And Ethical Reasoning In Nursing Practice



The purpose of this educational portfolio is to enable you to identify and achieve the prescribed learning outcomes of this module, Exploring the Theory and Application of Law and Ethical Reasoning in Nursing Practice.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes are as follows:

1.  Critically examine the relationship between law, ethics and ethical reasoning in nursing practice in Singapore.

2. Implement and appraise a decision-making process using legal and ethical framework or code of practice

3. Demonstrate critical understanding of values-based practice to a population group to inform future delivery of health care services in Singapore

4. Critically reflect on the way in which healthcare legislation, culture and society influence ethical nursing practice and health and well-being more broadly.

You will be required to provide evidence of achievement for each learning outcome within your portfolio.

Portfolio Entry 1

Ethical vignette (scenario situation).  Reflect on your everyday practice and try to identify a situation which represented an ethical problem or dilemma. The situation may also involve relevant legal and/or professional issues which it may be appropriate to address.

The chosen situation should be adapted on the basis of the work you have already done for the formative assessment (please ensure you maintain confidentiality/privacy at all times and do not use any patient identifiers).

Portfolio Entry 2

Learning Outcomes 2, 3 and 4 will be addressed by discussing, analysing and evaluating the research and evidence base that informs the discussion related to the vignette/scenario from an ethical standpoint taking into account relevant legal and/or professional issues as appropriate and with reference to supporting academic literature.

When planning your report section, it may be helpful for you to consider the situation in relation to each participant e.g. the nurse, patient, relatives and other healthcare professionals as appropriate.

In your discussion it will be important to consider the law and ethical issues. We recommend that you use the bioethical principles as your ethical framework and use should also be made of the philosophical theories of   Deontology  utilitarianism and values-based care as appropriate.

Your discussion must be supported with academic evidence.

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