NUR 6301 Advanced Nursing Theories


HIV aids is a global problem in youth worldwide and in US  a huge number of youth population is infected. Not only the youths , the young adults are infected by this disease in US. HIV is virus borne disease and the responsible virus for this disease is Human immuno- deficiency virus. The main reason of HIV infection among the youth is sexual activity among the student.  Almost half of the young US population is infected by the HIV. The report from Centers for Disease  Control and Prevention  showed that, in 2014 almost 22% of the US youth ( age group of 13-24 years) that is almost 44000 youth have HIV infections in the US(Johnson et al., 2014).

 In case of the youths who are using intravenous injection drugs, it is seen that the prevalence of infection is much common.  In this report the rate of HIV infection in youths in US is discussed. In addition, the ways in which the rate of infection can be reduced is highlighted.  The main aim of the project, implementation procedure, influencing factor for that project is also discussed in this report.

Definitions of terms

HIV: It is an immunodeficient virus under the subgroup of retrovirus and it is responsible for AIDS that is a disease that cause progressive failure of the organs in the human body and may cause mortality (Chun, Moir, & Fauci,2015).

Retrovirus: This type of RNA virus can insert their own copy of genome into the host DNA and cause infection to the host (Knight , Collins & Takeuchi, 2013).

Injection of drug is very much associated with the transmission of blood borne disease like AIDS, caused by the HIV virus. According to  Lansky et al. ( 2014), in US 8% of population had been found who have used to inject drug that is persons with drug inject ( PWID).

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