NUR 6301 Advanced Nursing Theories


Choose a concept that represents an area/problem of interest to you in your clinical practice. Explain why it is important for you to look at this concept in depth. Do not choose a concept for which a concept analysis has been published. For example, if you were considering the concept of “pain” you might google “pain concept analysis” and you’ll quickly see that an analysis has already been published on that concept.

(Suggestion: As this is your first graduate course, consider an area of interest that you’ll be able to build upon as you move through the graduate program. In a number of courses you’ll be able to choose topics for your papers and projects. Prior to graduation you’ll also develop a scholarly project which will focus on a research question related to a health disparity in an underserved population. By choosing a concept in an area of interest, you are able to begin introducing yourself to the literature on that topic. As you develop papers and projects on different aspects of that area, you become immersed in the studies and literature related to that topic.

Walker & Avant, Chapter 10 provides a model for developing your concept analysis. It is also helpful to review concept analysis examples included in the documents section of Blackboard.

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