NUR 308 Concepts Of Professional Nursing Practice


The purpose of this project is to demonstrate leadership in nursing by using an exemplar to illustrate a change project related to a professional nursing practice issue.

To complete this project, the following steps should be completed:

1. Identify a professional nursing practice issue of interest to you from your previous work in the course. My topic of interest is nursing shortage
2. Determine a change that would positively impact the professional nursing practice issue.
3. Identify, review, and synthesize current published evidence (within the last 5 years) on the professional practice issue. Included should be at least four(4) research studies/published guidelines on the issue.  Create an annotated bibliography of the literature you have chosen.  Then write one or two paragraphs synthesizing what you found.
4. Identify at least two barriers and at least two facilitators to the change you are proposing.
5. Identify and discuss who would be champions for your change, and why.
6. Describe how you would evaluate the change after it was implemented.
7. Create a final PowerPoint presentation of this project. The PowerPoint should include:
  1. A title slide.
  2. A definition of the professional nursing practice issue.
  3. A synthesis of the current literature you reviewed on the issue.
  4. A brief introduction to the change you are proposing.
  5. Anticipated barriers and facilitators to the proposed change.
  6. Identified champions for the change.
  7. Evaluation of the change.
  8. Final thoughts.
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