NUR 302 Concepts In Nursing


In this application, you will describe your audience and learning topic, summarize results of a learning-needs assessment you have conducted, and create specific learning objectives for your proposed lesson. AS noted on this week’s discussion, you may design your lesson plan for an adult-learner group of your choice-patients, staff, nursing students, continuing-education nurses, and community populations, among others.

Begin by revising your needs assessment plan .This should be a lesson you could implement in your current practice or in a position you hope to have in the future ( for example, as faculty in an academic nursing program)n in light of feedback you received in this week’s discussion. Then conduct the assessment with sample learners and/or through literature searches. With this in mind, consider the outcomes you hope to achieve in the lesson, and formulate four learning objectives to accurately reflect these desired outcomes. At least one of these objectives must be behavioral For example;

  • The student will perform a chemical abuse assessment. (Behavioral)
  • The student will discuss feelings about people who abuse chemicals. (Affective)

Draw on at least three appropriate sources of evidence to support your ideas- for example, core competency statements, professional guidelines, results of a needs assessment, and other kinds of data. You should review Keatings, section III regarding a framework for this lesson-planning process.

  • Identify the teaching/learning context for your lesson. Who are the learners? In what setting would the lesson occur, and how long would it last?
  • Briefly explain your method of assessing the knowledge/skill level and needs of these learners.
  • Summarize the results of your assessment so far, and explain how you will incorporate this information inyour lesson planning.
  • Describe in general terms the content to be addressed through this lesson.
  • In this proposed learning cognitive, psychomotor, or affective? Explain why.
  • Write objectives (at least one of them behavioral) that accurately reflect the central learning of your proposed lesson. (: These objectives must be measurable in some way.)
  • Explain your rationale for these objectives and your choice of words. HOw will these objectives lead to the outcomes you identified with the help of the needs assessment?
  • Of the four objectives, which do you consider more important, and why?
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