NUR 300 Nursing Transition


This week you learned about government sponsored healthcare programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, and you were exposed to several Managed Care concepts. Use your readings as a basis for discussion this week, is there a gap in healthcare coverage? If so, who is most impacted by the recent changes in legislation? Who might be over, and who is under covered? Is there evidence of equality of care?
1. Review a local, regional, national or international disaster reported in the media Hurricane Harvey has received quite a bit of attention! See the powerpoint for an example of a natural disaster and some of the “lessons learned from a tropical storm in Houston medical center. What are some aspects of planning for such a disaster (natural, disease related or human-made) that APRNs should be aware of list at least two.
2. Review the plan for preparedness of a nursing organization of which you are a part—such as an APRN group on the local, state or national level, or the ANAs or CNAs planning response—provide a brief description of the plan, the website if applicable, and how you would fit into the plan in the event of a catastrophic event.
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