NSG 3300 Assignment- Case Study Analysis Template

This NSG 3300 Assignment and Case Study Analysis Template also provides Orem’s theory of self-care deficit theory

APA style requires an introduction. Introduce your paper’s topic here, also  provide general background information and share with the reader the paper’s topics. Furthermore, this paper does not require an abstract. Moreover, place your first Level 1 heading below your introduction.

Pathophysiology of the Diseases

Give a brief overview of the pathophysiology of the disease. Additionally, include what lab abnormalities you would look for and what diagnostics you would expect to see with supportive rationale.

Implications for Self-Care

In this section you will discuss how this disease process impact the patient’s and/or the patient’s care provider’s ability to care for themselves. For instance, consider Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Orem’s theory of self-care deficit theory.

NSG 3300 Assignment- Case Study Analysis Template

Patient Education Strategy

Consider educational strategies and a plan of care for your patient based on the implications for self-care section with supportive rationale.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Discuss what interdisciplinary team members need to be included with supportive rationale. Consider nutrition, then discharge, transition, and financial implications.


Your paper’s concluding paragraph goes here.


Banasik, J.L., & Copstead, L.C. (2018). Pathophysiology (6th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.

NSG 3300 Assignment- Case Study Analysis Template

**References should be in APA style, also please use your APA resources to help create your reference page. More so, this is a sample reference from your textbook. **

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