NSB204 Mental Health Self And Others


Choose one of the four case scenarios below, of a person who is experiencing difficulties related to a mental health disorder.

Case scenario one: Mary- Depression
Case scenario two: Cormac- Schizophrenia
Case scenario three: Jayan- Risk of suicide
Case scenario four: Arnold – Mania
  1. Apply principles of cultural safety and reflect on self to articulate the role of self in person-centred mental health care and therapeutic use of self.
  2. Demonstrate and apply knowledge of the challenges and factors that can compromise mental health for ourselves and others in order to promote positive mental health and wellbeing.
  3. Conduct a biopsychosocial and mental status assessment to create a clinical formulation, informed by the recovery model, to enhance the provision of consumer focused care.
  4. Describe key mental health issues and work with consumers and carers to address needs and promote recovery across the care continuum applying the Recovery Model.
  5. Explain and apply knowledge of the Mental Health Act and mental health standards for practice.
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