NS3226 Clinical Nursing Practice


A situation where you actively identified a behavioural, intrinsic or extrinsic risk specific to an older adult, and subsequently prevented an adverse event. **In the context of a child or adolescent specific unit, the older adult can be a visitor, family member or care giver.
An episode of care where you complete an appropriate assessment following a medication you administered.
A situation where you have provided a patient (or primary care giver) education session. This may include pre-procedure, a newly prescribed medication, post-operative education, the use of a mobility aid, or another situation you encounter.
A reflection on a clinical process (such as administration of an IV medication, undertaking an ECG in response to chest pain, removal of a central line etc) that you complete. This does not have to be a skill learned in NS3226/27.
Reflection on an episode of handover that you have either given or received, which was effectively communicated, or ineffectively communicated.
A situation where you perceived an ethical dilemma, either affecting yourself or a patient under your care.
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