NRSG366 Partnerships In Chronicity


1.On your initial visit to Andrea in her home, you need to undertake a comprehensive history and assessment. For each of the assessments listed below provide a rationale as to why you would undertake this assessment. Include in your answer information taken from the case study to support your response.
2.Based on the information from the scenario and your assessment strategies, plan one intervention for each of the four areas assessed in question one (1). For each intervention provide your rationale and how you will evaluate its effectiveness.
3.Andrea’s illness directly effect’s her husband’s and children’s life. List three (3) areas of Daniel’s (husband) life that would be directly impacted by A n d r e a ’ s illness and provide a rationale as to why each would impact on Daniel.
4.For each of the areas identified in question three (3), list one (1) strategy or intervention a community nurse could implement to support Daniel; provide a rationale for each intervention.
5.Pain is a major component of Andrea’s disease. Identify and describe the four (4) types of pain often experienced in MS and the potential causes of the pain. 
6.Identify and justify four (4) non-pharmaceutical interventions that can be used to assist Andrea with pain management.
7.Identify the class of drug and the indications for the use of Baclofen, Diazepam and Gabapentin in the pain management of multiple sclerosis.
8.Andrea and Daniel confide that they are struggling with their sense of identity and role definition. They are also concerned about the impact on their children. What multi-disciplinary services could Andrea and Daniel access to assist them? List two (2) services that they could access providing a rationale for your recommendation as to why this would be a useful service.
9.A nursing student you are working with for the day asks you as the Community Nurse “considering her MS, what is Andrea’s prognosis?” Discuss your response specific to Andrea’s Relapsing – Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
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