NRS222 Essential Nursing Care : Mental Health Nursing


Select a behaviour that is relevant to your consumer population and propose an evidenced-based approach to successful behaviour change. Consider-  This is where you would select the behaviour of concern eg- Drug use or alcohol consumption 

1.The rationale for focusing the behaviour change intervention with that specific population  for this part, justify why this behaviour of concern was chosen, why is it a concern to the population that you work with/have chosen to write about and why have you chosen the specific intervention that you will present in the report, e.g. what does the research say   

2.Critical review of theoretical perspectives that have been applied to supporting behaviour change in this population. For this part, review the research around behaviour change for this behaviour and critically analyse/justify why you have chosen the intervention you did 

3.Any potential barriers at the neurophysiological, individual, interpersonal, organisational levels and how these barriers could be overcome. For this part, think about what barriers there might be to successful change from the clients perspective, from the practitioners perspective and through the system that surrounds them. 

Specific details of the intervention are not required within this assignment and the focus should be on the justification of the theoretical approach and key areas of intervention. 

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