NAD002-2 The Scope Of Adult Nursing


An academic narrative essay in which you demonstrate the role of the adult nurse in a variety of settings and insight into adults’ experiences of ill health

You need to briefly demonstrate an understanding of what condition or symptom has brought them to hospital and what health need has been identified.  

Using the Roper-Logan-Tierney model of nursing identify one health need related to the activities of daily living that your patient’s condition is affecting. From then you will discuss and describe how the nurse identified that need, how it was met by the MDT and how effective communication met the need of the patient Is there a size limit?

•You will need to choose an adult patient who you have met in practice and participated in care with

• You will need to discuss the context of their admission and identify an activity of daily living that is being affected.

• Your patient should be central to the narrative

• You will discuss the role of the nurse and MDT in meeting the identified health need.

• Demonstrate how effective communication between the patient, nurse and MDT can be facilitated and the rationale for this

• Your discussion must relate to your chosen patient and must be supported by a broad range of academic literature

• Your essay will need to be written in the third person

• Your essay should be fully referenced using the Harvard system – refer to the University referencing guidelines for full details.   

Aim to focus on the following

1.Identify, explain and justify the context behind the patient admission and the chosen health need identified.

2.Identify, explain and demonstrate the evidence base behind the nurse’s actions in identifying a health need with your patient.

3.Identify and explain the role and actions taken by the identified MDT member in meeting the need of the patient with supporting evidence base behind their intervention.

4.Identify and explain the importance of effective MDT communication in meeting the need of your patient. Justifying how doing so met your patients health need.

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