MRKT20052 Marketing Management And Digital Communications


Assessments 2a, 2b, and 3 are linked together, and follow on from each other.  The assessment pieces require you to provide a clear, concise and engaging summary and critique of the evidence underpinning a specific clinical or professional problem/practice of your choice.
Assessment 2a defines, describes and provides a rationale for your chosen topic.
Assessment 2b requires you to develop a search strategy and find the best evidence for the clinical problem/practice you wrote about in Assessment 2a.
Please note that 2a and 2b are submitted together in one document on the template provided on page 21.
2a and 2b are not conventional online themed discussion posts.  Combined as one document, it is a report style online themed discussion post using headings and tables.  This is more relevant to your nursing work as you will generally be writing structured reports, as opposed to other styles of writing. It is submitted through Safe Assign.
Assessment 3 requires you to look at your particular problem/practice in terms of evidence based practice, and is completed on the template provided.
You need to decide upon a broad topic to investigate (for example, management of pressure injuries).  You need to decide on a topic that has a nursing focus.  There will be a maximum of 5 people who can investigate the same broad topic.  
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