Morality of Having Children

Article Summary: Morality of Having Children

Read, Morality of having children , provide a summary of the article, identify the authors primary argument and supporting premises, provide a counter argument, and conclude with your own perspective. Generally, a strong paper should be 2 to 3 pages in length.

All analysis papers are expected to be in APA format (Times new Roman, 12 point font, 1 inch margin, double spaced), three pages in length (Not including references) and NO COVER PAGE. At the top of the page, please only put your name in the header and title each paper “(Title of the paper) Article Analysis”



Grading Rubric

Not Sufficient Partly sufficient Sufficient
Format 0 pt.

The author did not submit a paper in APA format

.5 pt.

The author did submit a paper in APA format with a few mistakes

1 pt.

The author did submit a paper in APA format

Summary 0 pt.

The author did not adequately summarize the entirety of the text.

.75 pt.

The author summarized the of the text but left out key details. Such as major premises or sections of the argument

6 pt.

The author adequately summarized the entirety of the text. Detailing and explaining each premises and how are they connected.

(about 1.5 pages of text)

Counter argument 0 pt.

The author did not include a Counter argument

1.5 pt.

The author included a counter argument though it is not well expressed and may be lacking detail.

3 pt.

The author produced a strong counter argument. This will vary depending on the prompt.

·       In some cases, this will be an argument in opposition to an action.

·       In other cases, this might be an argument through a different philosopher’s perspective

(about ½ page of text)

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