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Make a Nursing care plan for the given case.

Paul and Eddie video – Transcript

[On-screen captions]

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers – please be informed that this video may contain footage of people who are since deceased.

[On-screen captions]

A few days after his cataract surgery, Paul has a home visit with Eddie – an Aboriginal Health Worker from his local Aboriginal Community Health Service.

[Knock at the door]

Paul: Can you get the door, Rodney? … Thanks.

Paul: Hey!

Eddie: How you doing bro?

Paul: I’m alright… Yeah, not bad. You want a cuppa tea?

Eddie: Yeah.

Paul: Yeah, cool. Rodney, can you get us a cuppa tea? I know it’s asking a lot! Thank you!

Eddie: So how ya been?

Paul: Yeah, well. Yeah, I just had surgery on my eyes… so…

Eddie: Yeah. How’s it all going?

Paul: Erm…

Eddie: Not sore or anything?

Paul: They’re not too bad. They’re a bit painful, but I’ve been taking Panadol so I don’t notice, I guess.

Eddie: Good. So you got down there alright?

Paul: Yeah, yeah. The health service organise it for me. And, erm, I don’t like hospitals very much. You know, there’s a lot of waiting and a lot of old people.

Eddie: Yeah.

Paul: In that eye hospital, man! [[01m05s]]

Eddie: Yeah, it can be, eh, a long time.

Paul: I know you just, like, shuffle from one thing to the next, you know?

Eddie: Yeah.

Paul: But they’ve changed a lot. They’ve done a lot of, you know, in my time… When I first went there I had to tell them I was Aboriginal. They didn’t ask.

Eddie: They didn’t ask if you were Aboriginal?

Paul: No, but they had the posters. The Closing the Gap posters. I don’t know. You know what I’m like. You know I’ve, sort of, worked in health…

Eddie: Yeah…

Paul: … a while ago, but I’ve always, you know we always talk about identification, so…

Eddie: Well it’s actually mandatory to ask the question if you’re Aboriginal or not…

Paul: Yeah.

[Paul and Eddie talk over each other]

Paul: They still don’t do it!

Eddie: So it’s good they look after you.

Paul: Yep.

Eddie: And treated you well…

Paul: Yep.

Eddie: They, erm, when you left, they gave you the medications and…

Paul: Yeah, cos my eyes weren’t good, weren’t good, and they gave me these drops and Panadol and stuff, and I’ve been putting them in, like, twice a day.

Eddie: Yeah, you need to take these… you probably can’t see this properly, but you need to take these, well apply them, every 4 hours.


Paul: Oh, every four hours?

Eddie: Yeah.

Paul: I’ve only been putting the in twice a day.

Eddie: Oh no. They’ll probably… yeah it’ll help you to recover a bit better. And do it right to the end. Don’t stop, you know, three quarters of the way through…

Paul: Yeah

Eddie: Do it until it’s all finished.

Paul: Yep.

Eddie: And then you know the course has been completed.

Paul: I’ve got some scripts. I guess I’ll get them to help me out.

Eddie: You’ve got some follow-up appointments. Did they tell you about your follow- up appointments?

Paul: Yeah. And I think they’re going to get help to organise, between the health service and the hospital, so…

Eddie: Yeah. And we’ll be able to organise some transport.

Paul: That’d be great, cos it’s a bit of a hike and… not being able to drive.

Eddie: I can give you a lift. I can organise that.

Paul: That’d be good.

Eddie: So how’s it been? Because I know you got a bit wild you can’t drive any more…

Paul: You know me..

Eddie: Restricts you a bit.

Paul: Yeah, it’s just I can’t get out and do my own thing, being independent. Rodney doesn’t drive, so I feel a bit hemmed in, you know? I don’t like it; I like a bit of freedom, so…

Eddie: So what are you doing to try to keep yourself sane or…

Paul: Oh just, you know, it’s early days. My vision’s a bit crappy so I just, you know, make sure I stay here and just stay out of bright light for a while and… yeah, I’ve been feeling a bit flat, but I don’t know whether that’s the hep. C, so…

Eddie: Yeah, it could be. [[03m25s]]

Paul: But I am a bit blue, I dunno.

Eddie: Need to get you out, so…

Paul: Yeah, that’d be great…

Eddie: We missed you at the Men’s Group, eh, last week.

Paul: Did ya?

Eddie: Yeah! We had a fella come down talk about prostate cancer.

Paul: Yeah, no wonder!

Eddie: All the boys were laughing, eh [inaudible] but they all missed you, eh, they missed your laugh.

[talking over each other]

Paul: That’s good, I missed them.

Eddie: They’re wondering how you’ve been.

Paul: Not being able to drive and that’s made it, you know, hard. I know that, you know, I just need to get to those community things sometimes. You know? You just get a bit… I dunno, isolated.

Eddie: Yeah, exactly. So we’ve got a fishing trip coming up.

Paul: Oh? Right.

Eddie: So the boys want you to come to that. Paul: Two weeks? Well my eyes might be fixed… Eddie: Well I’ll give you a lift anyway…

[talking over each other]

Paul: …Yeah that’d be great…

Eddie: …just to make sure too, but yeah, we’ve missed you around the place. So it’ll be all good to see you… So you just mentioned about Hep. C. So you want a bit more information about that?


Paul: Yeah, you know I’m really, you know, open about that stuff, and, you know, things I did in the past, but, you know, I’ve heard there’s some newer treatments [inaudible] so… You know, I’m getting things fixed, so maybe it’s a good time.

Eddie: Yeah, it might be a good opportunity for that. So I think the nurse is coming around tomorrow? Is that appointment for her to come and visit you tomorrow?

Paul: Yeah.

Eddie: So I might have a chat with her, and get her to bring some resources around about hep. C.

Paul: Yeah, it’d be good to know anyway, you know? So I’ve left it slide a bit for a while.

Eddie: Yeah, ok. That’s good… Alright, so I’ll go and have a chat with the nurse…

Paul: Yep.

Eddie: … when I get back to the health service and arrange for her to get some resources together for you. But if there’s anything else that you need, you’ve got my mobile.

Paul: Yep.

Eddie: So I’m just a phone call away and I’ll come and help you wherever I can so…

Paul: Yep.

Eddie: If everything’s all good then… Paul: Yeah… Yep, that’ll be good, thanks. Eddie: Alright then.

Paul: Thanks. I appreciate you dropping in [bruv?], Thanks Eddie.

Eddie: Yeah, alright. Cheers mate. Look after yourself.

Paul: See ya.

Video produced by Gukwonderuk Indigenous Engagement Unit, Monash University, Australia.

With thanks to Edward Moore, Peter Waples-Crowe.

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