Leadership in Nursing

Part 1:

Summarize your leadership style and discuss 3 ways you can effectively motivate co-workers using your leadership style.
(Proper referencing and citation per APA format is expected in answering this discussion.)
You can also look at the file Peer 1 Leadership, on how to go about writing this part out. By summarizing the type of leadership style and 3 ways effectively motivate co-workers with the leadership you choose.

Part 2:

1. What is your preferred leadership style and explain why.
2. Can your leadership style change with greater experience in a leadership role? Describe how.
3. Can your leadership style change according to the situation at hand? Describe the benefits or limitations.
4. What factors will determine this change?
5. Describe the positive and negative aspects of your preferred leadership style on individual and team productivity.

If you need a textbook: it is Leadership Roles and Management of Nursing

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