How to Write a Nurse Incident Report

How to Write a Nurse Incident Report

You don’t have to be anxious about writing incident reports. Nursing staff often worry about how to get the report done and what information to include. Healthcare facilities are no exception to mistakes.

Medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in the United States and can pose a danger to patients’ safety and well-being. Although incident reports can be time-consuming, they are vital to patient care.

What is an Incident Report?

Either electronically or printed, an incident report gives detailed information about the events that led up to and following an unexpected situation in healthcare. It does not have to have caused a threat to patient safety or to employee safety. A patient safety incident is one that poses a danger to their safety.

All witnesses must complete incident reports within 24 hours. The majority of incident reports are completed by licensed nurses. Our online nursing essays writers are the best in writing incident reports.

Why Nurses Write an Incident Report?

Incident reports can be used to provide important safety information to hospital management and keep them informed about aspects related to patient care. Also, incident reports are written for the following purposes:

Risk Management. Incident Reports are used to identify potential risks and prevent future errors. Standard turnover procedures may be recommended for nursing staff in cases of frequent medical mistakes.

Quality Assurance. Quality Assurance. Quality control groups review incident reports identifying any indications that the patient received high-quality, patient-focused, affordable care.

Education tools. Incident reports can be used as training tools. Healthcare teams often use incident reports to help others avoid similar mistakes.

Examples of Incident Report Writing Cases

Nursing staff must complete an Incident report when they witness or are notified about an incident. below are some of the example cases where an incident report is necessary.

  • Prescribed medications and/or treatments related events
    • Examples include adverse reactions and medication errors
  • Bodily injury
    • Examples include: falls, burns, and falls.
  • Patients-related events
    • Examples include: complaints and treatment refusal
  • Near misses
    • Example: An error almost happened but it was fixed immediately.

What Information is Included by Nurses in Incident Reports?

Our professional essay writing nurses advise that incident reports should contain the following information:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location of the incident
  • Incident type
  • Name of the victim
  • Witnesses

A written summary of what happened in the incident should have the following details.

  • A chronological lists of the event details as they unfolded
  • Witness statemenst of parties involved
  • Injuries that resulted from the incident
  • What actions were taken after the incident
  • Was there any treatments given to the injured
  • What are the contributing factors of the incident

Other critical information included in the incident report form:

  • Names of those notified about the incident
  • Suggestion provided in case of preventing a future incident

How to Write an Effective Incident Report

We now know how critical these incident reports can be. Here are six tips to help you create a thorough and effective report.

  1. Be clear and concise
  2. Use proper grammar and spelling
  3. Be objective and avoid assumptions
  4. Use direct quotes as narrated by witnesses and other relevant parties
  5. List the chronology of events as they happened
  6. Use short notes to rememeber key details
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