HLTH523 Contemporary Issues In Nursing


Your report should include sections identified by headings and subheadings, including:  Meaningful title this should engage the reader and convey what the report will be about  Introduction to the report as with other academic writing the introduction needs to state the topic and summarise the content of the report for the reader Description of the issue provide an overview of the issue which could include why it is a problem, who does it affect, how big is the problem.
Key factors/influences – briefly describe three (3) key factors or influences for the issue and then explain how they impact the issue. This can presented in a table format if preferred. Must include references. 
ONE Approach or ONE solution or ONE appropriate program (this can be a policy – at either hospital/organisation/government level; a process – e.g. a checklist; or a specific program such as an awareness campaign or training course). This needs to be an existing approach. You do not invent or devise a solution, the solution needs to come from the literature. o Detailed description of the approach/solution/program (include appropriate citations) o Summary of strengths and weaknesses of the approach/solution/program
Recommendations – Two strategies to improve the approach/solution/program identified above o Brief description of each recommendation o Identify how each recommendation will strengthen the program/approach.
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