HLTH3001 Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Health


Assessment overview

Task:  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island People’s health across the life:

A strengths based approach

“A strengths-based approach views situations realistically and looks for opportunities to complement and support existing strengths and capacities as opposed to a deficit-based approach, which focuses on the problem or concern.” (National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Strategy 2013 – 2023)

Identify a key health issue affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Describe the health issue, its core risk factors (e.g., behavioural, biomedical, psychological etc.) and its prevalence among

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the Australian population more broadly.

Discuss the key social determinants associated with the health issue you have chosen in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Identify and describe one existing approach to address your chosen health issue – the approach might be a health service, specific programs or health intervention that have been developed to address this health issue. Address the following questions for your approach:

.Why was it developed? o How was it developed?

.What outcomes have they achieved?

.Have they used a strengths or a deficit based approach? Provide justification for your stance, drawing on the criteria provided on pages 9-11 in Cox, E. (2014).

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