HLTEN508B: Apply Reflective Practice, Critical Thinking And Analysis In Health


1.Explain your understanding of the historical and current perspectives of nursing and nurse education?
2.Identify any 5 (five) contemporary issues in nursing and examine their impact on clients and the health care environment.
3.Explain in 100 words the role of regulation and professional standards of practice in nursing. Also support your answer with an example of how you would apply the regulations and standards in your own practice?
4.As stated in ANMC National competency standards for the Enrolled nurses, “The enrolled nurse is an associate to the registered nurse who demonstrates competence in the provision of patient-centered care as specified by the registering authority’s license to practice, educational preparation and context of care.”
5.What do you mean by holistic approach? Explain in 50 words the meaning of adopting a holistic approach. Provide an example to justify how you would incorporate the holistic approach to client care in your practice.
6. Explain your understanding of a performance review?
7.It is important to promote and support individuality of clients when implementing planed care.”
8.As an Enrolled nurse how would you share your professional knowledge and skills with others. List at least 2 (two) examples.
9. Propose 2 (two) examples of how would you promote a positive image of nursing as a profession and support the role of other health professionals?
10. Explain the significance of professional development in nursing practice. Enlist 3 (three) ways of maintaining professional development.
11.Identify 3 (three) professional organizations and explain their roles.
12.As an Enrolled Nurse it is part of your job responsibility to work with in a contemporary health care environment. To ensure this you are require to fill out below areas;
(a) Achieve work outcomes and demonstrate good time management with in prescribed periods.
(b) Manage resources according to health environment guidelines.
(c) Utilise contemporary health informatics systems to gather, collate and document data.
(d) Work within context of practice and within boundaries of work role. 


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