HLT54115 Nursing


Post 1

Campbell Hero’s Journey is intended to inspire you to think about what is important in your life and how you express these values to others. The journey challenges you to think about what most influences you, and what matters to you. Being able to tell your story and what motivates you is important not only in your personal life but professional as well. Being able to ask for something by telling a story is an effective and useful tool. What is your signature story? What are your professional or personal goals? If you are having a hard time coming up with one refer back to How to Create Your Life Story for Professional and Personal Development by Michael Weddington. Using the How to Create Your Life Story template, share your story with others. Business Communication can be as simple as telling a story.

Post 2

Based on your readings this week provide examples of value based health care you have experienced in your current practice.
My current practice is a small mental health clinic, we see all patients; private insurance, self pay, and indigent patients who are covered through county mental health system. This clinic is run by nurse practitioners.
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