HLT51612 Nursing


The assignment is required to be submitted in an essay style format, which includes, title page, and contents page, end-text, reference list.

Your writing needs to be:

  • Logical –
  • Use clear and concise expression–use simple and clear terminology
  • Use paraphrasing–this means writing information in your own

Words and support with the literature. Do not just add a reference at the end of a sentence, as it must be clear to the reader what that reference is supporting, minimal direct quotations are to be cited, if cited then quotation marks, page numbers and format should be documented as per APA 6th guidelines

  • Do not reference lecture notes or dictionaries-as your literature source for this assignment.Well -structured paragraphs and sentences–concise sentences, no bullet pointsYour literature review should contain relevant headings to guide the reader.
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