HLSU233 Nursing


  1. Patient had a history of asthma hypertension, hypothyroidism, hiatus hernia, osteo arthritis knee’s discuss your actions in response to Cephalexin 1 gm IV drug order considering her medical history
  2. Outline 4 nursing interventions you can do to assist with the emotional, psychosocial wellbeing and conflict resolution support of an Aboriginal patient who is anxious about her family 
  3. The patient is fasting from 2400.and he is going for a surgery. He is talking Serevent, Salbutamol, osteo penadol, Thyroxine, Omeprazole, metoprolol. State the reason why some of her medications may be given and some withheld on the day of surgery.
  4. Patient is having tachycardia, 2l oxygen, iv fluids, idc , bellovac drain and it is filled 400ml and blood on dressing. He is drowsy and trouble speaking. Use the DRSABCD acronym as headings to explain your answer
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