HIST2377 History Of Nursing


Choose two chapters from Kathryn McPherson, Bedside Matters, our textbook for this course (any two of your choice, ie. chapters two and three, five and six. It might be better to choose two chapters that deal with a somewhat similar topic so that you are not comparing/contrasting “apples and oranges”).

Present a critical analysis of these two chapters: do the chapters appear to present a true picture of the era in nursing history that they cover?

Your thesis for this paper could be something like: “Chapters Two and Three of Kathryn McPherson’s Bedside Matters present an effective portrayal of X period in nursing history for X reasons.”

When analyzing the chapters, you might also consider questions like:

what kinds of primary and secondary sources did McPherson use?

Were they effective in making her argument? What kinds of words/language did McPherson use in presenting her argument (i.e. longer words, words that were difficult to follow of understand)?

How did McPherson’s diction/word choice influence her argument?

Did one of the chapters appear to present a stronger argument than the other one?

Why did one chapter’s argument appear to be stronger?

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