GHS5850 Nursing Leadership And Patient Safety


1 Given the review report (Duckett, 2016) will affect all Victorian hospital and health services:
a. What are the major health care deficiencies addressed by the review?
b. Which of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (2017) do these relate to?
2 Consider the comment in recommendation 2.14.1 (p.xxvi):
“Low rates of agreement with the questions ‘My suggestions about patient safety would be acted upon if I expressed them to my manager’ and ‘I am encouraged by my colleagues to report any patient safety concerns I may have’ in the People Matters Survey…”
Using change management principles and considering theories of power, describe how you would implement a plan to improve the culture in your ward around reporting safety concerns.

Presentation requirements
This assignment is to be presented as an essay.
Each question should be addressed separately.
Your response/answer to each question should be in essay format and have its own introduction, body and conclusion. 
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