Epidemiological Research Article

An Analysis of an Epidemiological Research Article

1. Introduction

a. Explain in one sentence the aim of the present study?

b. What study design was used

2. Methods

a. Specify the outcome variables

b. Specify the exposure variables

c. What statistical method was used? Explain why?

d. What method was used to guide the analysis for confounder definition?

e. Explain at least two confounders, in figure 1, which are adjusted for in the model, and discuss whether you consider these variables for confounding or not.

f. For which variable did the authors consider misclassification? Please describe their considerations regarding this misclassification.

3. Remarks to the results:

a. Please look at Table 2 and explain the results obtained for the variables and their adjustment

b. Please look at Table 3: What is the main relationship of interest and presented in the Table.

c. Please look at Table 4: For the cohort, please explain the different results generated by the models.

i. Compare the unadjusted results and results generated in the adjusted, traditional logistic regression model.

ii. What are the reasons for the different results?

iii. Which of these two models is the best choice

d. Calculate the different OR and intrepid the results

4. Finally, what is your opinion about the article

a. Explain the following causality criteria from Hill, and evaluate the article according to all of the 9 criteria

b. Please read the fourth paragraph in the discussion chapter: What Kind of recommendations do the authors recommend and why?

c. After answering all these questions. Do you believe the author provide the answers to the research question? Why and why not?

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