Electronic Health Records

Effective Use of Electronic Health Records in Nursing

The capstone essay topical area is Electronic Health Records in health care. Am supposed to show how the role of nurse Leadership, Management and Followership, in utilizing and promoting the use of electronic health records in health care.

-How effective Communication and information technology have supported utilization of electronic health records in health care.

This should be addressed in at least 3 paragraphs, of each area mentioned above, supported by evidence (published within the past 5 years and preferably primary data sources).

The paragraphs are not solely a summary of the evidence and the information is applied to the topical area with a focus on the subject of the essay.

The essay is written in a scholarly voice, not first-person pronoun. In-text citations are properly formatted according to APA standards. Graphs, tables and/or figures are utilized to further support the ideas presented in the essay. Correct APA citations for chart and/or figure included

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