EDUC6749 Advanced Numeracy Studies


1: Analyze the impact of personal, social, economic and political factors on the development and progression of numeracy Learners
2: Explain the impact of learners’ literacy and language skills on the development and progression of their numeracy skills
3: Explain how different communication approaches can affect the learning of numeracy processes and skills
4. Identify the skills, knowledge, and understanding that can be assessed in numeracy
5: Analyse approaches to initial and diagnostic assessment to identify the mathematics and numeracy skills and aspirations of numeracy learners
6: Analyze the use of assessment tools in numeracy teaching and learning
7: Analyze numeracy teaching approaches and resources, including technologies, for suitability in meeting individual learners’ needs
8: Analyze the impact of using technology on learner engagement, motivation and success in numeracy teaching and learning
9: Identify the numeracy skills and knowledge needed by learners across contexts and subjects, and for progression purposes
10. Explain the importance of encouraging learners to make links between their mathematical and numeracy development and their other personal development
11: Explain the boundaries between own specialist area and those of other specialists and practitioners (my own specialist area is childcare)
12: Analyze numeracy learning opportunities to determine how teaching and support needs may be shared among learning professionals
13: Explain how to liaise with other professionals to provide specialist knowledge of how to include numeracy in vocational and other subject areas
14: Explain how to liaise with other professionals to promote the inclusion of wider skills in own specialist area
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