Do you need to take calculus for nursing?

A college-level math course is required for nursing school. However, it is usually college algebra or basic statistics. Calculus is not required for nursing school.

What type of math is used in nursing?

Nursing staff must be able to comprehend basic math in order to use dosage calculation and IV drips. Therefore, statistics and college algebra are common math classes.

What if I don’t like math?

Nursing isn’t for those who don’t like math.

Many nurses who are not good at math, or don’t enjoy it, have gone before you. Many of these nurses have gone on to be outstanding nurses.  

To be a nurse, do I need to be good at math and science?

You don’t have to be good at science and math to become a nurse. It is enough to be driven to succeed and have a strong work ethic. These two qualities will allow you to do any (including going to nursing school). )

How can I master science and math?

Prereqs may include science and math.

These are essential to nursing because they provide a deeper understanding of:

  • How the mind and bodywork together
  • What happens if things go wrong?
  • They can be treated with holistic and modern medicine and therapies.

However, it can be difficult to get through classes. We are here to offer some tips and advice on how to make it through and what to expect.

Statistics and the Birth of Modern Nursing

Florence Nightingale was an infamous figure who saved thousands of lives in the Crimean War. She did this by using statistics.

She saw that the conditions of sanitation in the barracks were not good and were leading to more deaths than the actual war.

Her work as a statistician saved many lives. Statistics is an essential course in many nursing programs.

Science and You: Why It Matters and How You Can Make It Through

Science is more difficult than math, even though it’s not a heavy subject in nursing. It is crucial that you understand the anatomy of the human body in order to be able to comprehend nursing concepts and do outstanding work in your future career.

To study science, you will need to modify your normal memorization methods.

Science is not allowed in many classes. From one science-shy student to the next, here’s how you can get through it.

1. Picmonic

Picmonic is a topic that can’t be overstated. This is used by nursing students throughout their prerequisites and in their pharmacology courses.

This tool is specifically designed for nursing students and uses stories and pictures to help you recall various processes in the body.

2. Study Groups

It is an excellent way to remember processes and concepts by talking through them.

Study groups allow you to ask questions, get the motivation to study, or even create an emotional support group.

3. Whiteboards

Whiteboards are your best friend. Whiteboards are your best friend.

If you prefer drawing concepts to writing them, you can also mix and match different learning techniques.

However, you should still invest in a large whiteboard (on Amazon), because some of them (cellular respiration, for example) can take up tons of space.

Although math and science are not the easiest subjects for many people, they can be done. Keep going, ask questions, join groups, and continue to study.

You can get it done!

Becoming a nurse

You don’t have to learn calculus in order to apply for nursing school.

To be a nurse, you don’t have to be proficient in math. Once you have all that information, you can apply for nursing school.

Find a school of nursing and contact a recruiter to learn more.


What type of math is used in nursing?

Algebra is required for nursing school. Statistics may also be required in some nursing programs.

Is there a lot of math in nursing school?

Nursing school requires some math. It is not complicated. It is basic math that is used for either dosage calculations or med mathematics.

Can I become a nurse even though I am terrible at math?

Even if you are not an expert in math, it is possible to become a registered or licensed practical or vocational nurse (RN or LVN).

Can I become a nurse even though I am terrible at science?

Even if you are not a scientist, it is possible to be a nurse.

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