Dental Anxiety, Fear And Phobia In Endodontic Treatment

Hypnosis A Method To Alleviate Dental Anxiety, Fear And Phobia In Endodontic Treatment

Project Proposal Assignment Brief

Title: Alternate the title, more specific to your question, a word ‘hypnosis’ have to be added as you talk about it.
Can you hypnotize pain? Hypnosis a method to alleviate Dental Anxiety, Fear and Phobia in Endodontic Treatment.


Abstract: In approximately 200 words, give a brief background of the area, a summary of the proposed work and the objective(s).

Introduction: Give a review of the literature using primary sources (e.g. peer-reviewed journals), state the aims of the proposed research, rationalise why it is being undertaken, why it is important, and briefly discuss potential outcomes and implications of the project.

Project Timeline,

Outcomes/ Impact

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