CNA205 Research And Evidence Based Practice In Nursing


You chose a clinical problem/practice to research to find the best evidence underpinning that problem/practice with a nursing focus. Your search located 3 pieces of evidence in relation to your chosen topic. Continuing on from the work already achieved, Assessment 3 requires you to look at your particular problem/practice in terms of evidence based practice

Themed Discussion


Hypertension is a common problem among the long term residents in care facilities. These residents come with different issues and later acquire hypertension for which they are always in an intense situation which could be a huge problem for the treatment teams. Even though there are several types of treatment available for hypertension it becomes tough for the nurses to manage hypertension problems among the patients without finally resorting to injections. Hence hypertension is a common problem among the long terms residents of care homes. The care homes in Australia are focused on providing different care facilities to the residents but hypertension is a self created mental problem which may happen when a person is highly under pressure or feels pressure of something that might affect the entire mentality of the patient to a large extent (Muller et al., 2014). In developed nation it is considered as one of the common causes of death among the old age patients and hence it is extremely important to focus on analysing the impact of hypertension and its management strategies properly. It is important to note that old age patients especially those living in the care homes for a longer period of time might develop hypertension because they are disconnected from their relatives or closed ones for a long time (Hancock et al., 2015).

Personal Reflection

Reporting: High blood pressure is one of the major reasons of development of hypertension and this provides a strong platform to research about hypertension and look for strategies to manage hypertension among long term residents of care homes. I came across different people suffering from hypertension by at least 30% of the patients who have constant tendency to stay hyper under different circumstances.

Responding: I took care of a patient suffering from hypertension; he was extremely agitated and was refusing to listen to me even after clearly communicating with him.

Relating: I realised that communication strategy needs to be changed while communicating with patients of hypertension. Nurses need better training for better services.

Reasoning: This clearly showed me that patient focused approach is extremely important to be implemented with people suffering from high blood pressure.

Reconstructing: In future I will implement interactive communication and analytical skills to assess patients and treat them accordingly.

Importance to nursing

It is important to note that around 80% of the premature deaths happen due to high blood pressure which is considered as an important reason for hypertension among people in the Australia. It is pretty clear that hypertension puts pressure on the heart which naturally ends up in failure of the heart to pump blood properly which leads to heart blockage and death. The Global Burden of Disease 2015 stated in their report that high blood pressure is one of the major causes of death globally (Prince et al., 2015). Hence it is extremely important for the nurses to play crucial roles advocating the patient to treat and eliminate hypertension. The nurses need to act as a manager which would help disease prevention. Nurses could communicate and educate people about high blood pressure (Bickel et al., 2012).
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