CNA153 Foundations For Professional Practice 2


Case study

You are the District nurse who is visiting Violet, who has type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis and a lower left leg ulcer. She is ambulant over short distances with a walking frame. Violet has been approved for residential aged care and has been waiting for a nursing home bed. During the last 3 months you have been visiting to attend to Violet’s BSL’s and daily dressings, until a suitable placement becomes available
Violet currently lives with her daughter Gemma, Matthew (Gemma’s husband), and their two young children, Scott aged 5 and Lucy aged 7, who both attend the local primary school. The family lives in a two-bedroom town house. Gemma works night shift as an enrolled nurse, and earlier in the year Matthew was made redundant from his job and is currently unemployed.
The house is becoming quite stressful. The children have given up their bedroom for their grandmother and are sleeping in the lounge room. Violet requires a lot  of care and is demanding of her daughter’s time. Violet argues frequently with Matthew about him not working and his drinking of alcohol. You are very fond of the family and feel for the pressures that they are under. One day after you shower and attended Violets wound care you pass Matthew sitting on the front step of the house. He is drinking alcohol and it is 10am. You ask him how he is coping with having Violet staying with the family. He says he’s not doing so well and “lately I’ve had trouble controlling my temper with the kids”

Task description

Identify a clinical issue from the case study provided.  Formulate both a qualitative and a quantitative clinical question to explore  this issue. Search for evidence to answer or address your questions.

Assessment criteria

1. Formulates searchable clinical questions for both quantitative and qualitative aspects of a scenario.

2. Demonstrates the ability to search for research evidence to answer the questions.

3. Identifies appropriate evidence to address/answer these questions.

4. Demonstrates ability to use research findings to answer a clinical question.

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