CJSP109 Interpersonal Communication Skills


Critically evaluate the role of the registered nurse in ensuring the delivery of safe effective quality care that reflects recognised benchmarks.
This should include a concise introduction to the key concepts involved in the title and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of their importance. You will then need to provide an outline of the remainder of your essay and its structure. You may wish at this stage to narrow the focus of this assignment but critically you need to provide a rationale for your choice.
Main Body.
In the main body, you will present a balanced focused argument on the essay title and critically appraise some of the tensions that exist within the literature indicating why you have chosen those viewpoints.
In order to evaluate relevant literature comprehensively you are required to read around your subject area and present a critical debate from national and international perspectives and then take a position based on your observations and perusal of the debate presented.
Students are encouraged to integrate their own experiences where relevant into the debate and apply their theoretical and practical knowledge to make sense of the rhetoric that exists and this should also be supported by literature.
In the conclusion you are expected to provide an overall summary of the points appraised in your essay and take a position as to how you see this progressing. You should include recommendations for practice and suggest ways in which broader factors can impact upon the implementation of such recommendations.
Essential Requirements.
Students are required to present their assignment according to the requirements of NQAI level 8. This indicates that students must demonstrate knowledge, comprehension, application and analysis as well as synthesis and evaluation and this is assessed according to the Department’s marking criteria. 
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