Chisholm lln test

The below information is helpful for students seeking to enroll in the Chisholm Insitute for HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing

Students may be required to take a Language Literacy and Numeracy assessment as part of their student entry process. Providers can seek approval for a specific LLN assessment tool that has been evaluated and verified.

Student entry procedure

All students are required to:

  • Provide an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (year 12-certificate)
  • You can either present your International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Diploma (IB) or
  • Competence at or above Exit Level 3, in both numeracy and reading, in the Australian Core Skills Framework
  • Provide a certificate of qualification at level 4 or higher in the Australian Qualifications Framework
  • With their VET Student Loans provider, conduct a language literacy and numeracy assessment.

Approved LLN assessment instruments

These assessment tools are approved to be used in meeting the VET student loan program student entry requirements:

  • Core Skills Profile for Adults published by the Australian Council for Educational Research Limited in July 2013.
  • Basic Skills Builder (bksb) (Australian edition)
  • Safe Work Resources VFH LLN Assess Tool (provided by The Learning Resources Groups’ LLN Robot Platform).
  • Assessment tools that are approved for use by specific providers

Assessing tools that are approved for use by a specific provider

VET Student Loans-approved course providers must verify and evaluate the tool in accordance with Subsection 82(3) of VSL Rules.

  • Assessment of LLN Testing Tools for the VET Student Loans Program
  • VET Student Loans Rules 2016

The application process for LLN Assessment Tool

Approval of a tool to assess a student’s ability in reading and numeracy must be requested by a course provider approved or a Commonwealth, State, or Territory government agency.

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