BSBADM503 Plan And Manage Conferences


Part A:

Knowledge Questions Unit Description:  This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to plan, promote and coordinate conferences, ensuring follow-up procedures are incorporated. It applies to individuals who have been delegated the responsibility for planning and managing a conference. 

Instructions to Candidate: 

You are required to complete a written test related to the competency of the unit. The questions relate to the skills and knowledge required for this unit. Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding for the following aspects: 
  • Outline tools that could be used in managing conferences.
  • Explain budgeting strategies used for projects.
  • Identify techniques for conference planning including setting milestones.
  • Identify and cater for participants’ specific needs
3. Your organization wants to conduct a Conference for Training and Development for Employees on Soft Skills. Confirm conference facilities requirements for the above mentioned Event.
4. What Promotion strategies you would use to increase buy in for the conference on Soft Skills amongst the Target Group?
5. Give Examples as to what kind of Special needs you might have to address while organizing a Conference. 

6. What kind of contingency arrangements you would ensure for smooth running of the Conference? 
7. What kind of financial follow-up you need to monitor to ensure smooth settlement of expenses .

8. What are the key provisions of relevant Legislation from all forms of government, standards and codes that may affect planning and managing conferences?
9. What Registration procedures you would follow to confirm the participation from the target group?
10. How would you record Conference outcomes in accordance with organizational Procedures?
11. Explain 4 budgeting strategies used for managing projects. 
12. Identify techniques that should be used for planning a conference.
14. List 3 public relations strategies that can be used to promote the conference according to predetermined budgets and deadlines? 
15. What kind of Pre-conference information needs to be dispatched to the participants before the conference? How well in advance such information should be dispatched? 
16. How would you prepare conference papers for publication and distribution within designated timeline.
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