BNURS20 Nursing Assignment


This assessment requires to fully read the four (4) modules (which are are attached). You then need to answer questions from each module marked in RED as ’Assessment’.  You do not need to include an introduction or conclusion.
Attached please find:
1) Assessment description (assignment description)
2) Marking rubric
3) Assessment checklist
4) A suggested template for the assessment – the
template is a guide only.
5) Module 1 – Critical thinking clinical decision making professional development
6) Module 2 – Collaborative and Therapeutic Practice
7) Module 3 – Provision and Coordination of Care
8) Module 4 – Provision and Coordination of Care
Please note that, the person going to work on my assignment have to read carefully the attachments before he/she start working on my assignment. If anything is unclear or need extra info please let me know. I want to get high distinction from this assignment and the person working on my assignment has to be someone highly experienced in the field. 
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